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Your postgraduate degree

Get the most out of a postgraduate degree in the UK

A postgraduate degree can change your life: from giving you a competitive advantage in your career, to being able to spend time discovering more about what you’re passionate about. Postgraduate degrees show dedication, ambition and discipline – all things employers look for in potential candidates – and by studying in the UK, you will also be developing your English skills at the same time.

Our postgraduate pathway programmes are designed to help you bridge the gap between an undergraduate degree in your home country to a postgraduate degree in the UK. At the International Study Centre, you will develop your English skills and subject knowledge to thrive on your chosen degree. Some of our pathways are even available with additional internships, so you can graduate with even more knowledge and practical experience to succeed in your career.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your education and career, but don’t yet have the necessary grades to get the most out of your degree, or feel you would benefit from some additional time learning under experts in international education – our postgraduate pathway programmes could be a great start to your time in the UK.