Living in Middlesbrough

Teesside ISC students walking through Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is a safe, friendly town in the heart of northern England. Boasting a unique atmosphere with restaurants, shopping centres and independent boutiques, as well as a wide range of entertainment venues, from sports centres to galleries; Middlesbrough has it all.

A monument of its industrial history, the striking 102-year-old Tees Transporter bridge creates an unforgettable skyline across the River Tees.

You might be wondering what it’s like to live in Middlesbrough, especially if you are considering living here during your studies.

Middlesbrough Food

Middlesbrough has a wide range of food and dining options. There are a range of cuisines to suit everyone's tastes, from traditional British dishes to international flavours.

One popular local dish that is worth trying is the parmesan, known to locals as the “parmo”. Originating in Teesside, it’s made with breaded chicken or pork, topped with a creamy sauce and grated cheese. It’s served with chips and salad and is a staple in many pubs and takeaways around Middlesbrough.

For those with a taste for international cuisine, Middlesbrough offers a variety of options including Indian, Chinese, and Italian. The town is home to many authentic restaurants, serving up delicious curries, noodles and pasta dishes.

Looking for a more unique dining experience? Check out the town's street food. There are several street food vendors that offer a wide variety of options, from burgers and hotdogs to falafel and tacos on Orange Pip Market days (a monthly seasonal market).

Immerse yourself in Middlesbrough culture

Middlesbrough is best known for its rich industrial history and diverse culture. While there are nearly limitless places you can visit in Middlesbrough, here are things you can do to get started:

  1. Visit Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), part of Teesside University's School of Arts & Creative Industries. Featuring a wide range of exhibitions, including works by local and international artists.
  2. Dive deeper into the town's industrial heritage by visiting the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, a unique piece of engineering that spans the River Tees.
  3. Experience the local music scene by attending a gig at one of Middlesbrough's many music venues, such as the Town Hall or The Empire.
  4. Take a stroll through the town's historic centre, where you can admire the Victorian architecture and learn about the town's past.
  5. Try local cuisine at one of the many traditional pubs and restaurants in the area.
  6. Attend one of the many festivals and events that take place throughout the year, such as the Middlesbrough Mela, a celebration of South Asian culture, or the Stockton International Riverside Festival, a yearly celebration of international street art and culture.

Middlesbrough Weather

The weather in Middlesbrough, like most of the UK, can change quickly. Being in the North East of England, Middlesbrough experiences cooler temperatures than other parts of the country.

Be sure to bring an umbrella, though. The UK is known for its rainy days!

Middlesbrough Population

Middlesbrough has a population of around 143,000.

As a large town, Middlesbrough has all the advantages of big cities like Manchester, whilst having all the essentials closer by. People from all walks of life choose to live here, all for different reasons, from new families drawn to the cheaper property prices, to students looking to study.

Having everything so close is also a great plus when you study at Teesside University, which is located in the town centre.

Student Accommodation in Middlesbrough

Where you will live is an important consideration when you are thinking of studying abroad. You want somewhere that will feel safe and like home, while having quick access to the university facilities you need.

Whether you want a student halls experience, your own en-suite, or a shared house, Middlesbrough offers a wide selection of student accommodation.

One popular option for students is to rent a house with friends. This allows for a sense of independence and the chance to live with other students on your course. Many landlords in the area cater specifically to students, with properties often located close to the university.

For ultimate peace of mind, many students choose to live on-campus. At Teesside University, there are over 1,000 rooms available, all within a short walking distance of the town centre. This takes all the hassle out of sorting out accommodation, and even offers extras like free wi-fi and laundry facilities. However, student accommodation is in high demand, so be sure to get your CAS in hand and request accommodation as early as possible.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to secure your student accommodation as soon as you receive your university offer.

Teesside University in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is a university town, home to Teesside University. It’s a dynamic and innovative university that offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

With a focus on practical, hands-on learning and industry connections, Teesside students are prepared for successful careers in their chosen fields from day one. The university's campus is located in the heart of Middlesbrough, with a range of services and resources available to help students succeed.

By joining Teesside, you become part of an international community, with graduates from over 100 countries.

Undergraduate degrees

If you have goals and the drive to succeed, studying an undergraduate degree in the UK is a great way to start. With world-class learning and top facilities, your undergraduate degree will be recognised around the world.

Looking to start your university journey in the UK? The International Foundation Year and International Year One pathway programmes at Teesside University International Study Centre provide support and guidance for those who don’t yet meet the entry requirements for a UK degree. These programmes are designed to prepare you with the skills and knowledge required to study at undergraduate level at Teesside University.

Postgraduate degrees

A postgraduate degree can change your life. From giving you a competitive edge in your new career, to dedicating more time to a subject you’re passionate about. Postgraduate degrees show passion, ambition and discipline; all things employers look for in potential candidates.

If you already have an undergraduate degree, consider studying the Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme at Teesside University International Study Centre, designed to help students bridge the gap between an undergraduate degree in their home country and a postgraduate degree from Teeside University.


For international students there are many costs to consider beyond your tuition fee, such as your travel to the UK, accommodation, insurance and food.

For more information on the fees of our pathway programmes, visit our fees page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Middlesbrough best known for?

Aside from the infamous parmo dish, which originated in Middlesbrough, the Transporter Bridge is one of the most famous Teesside landmarks.

Is Middlesbrough a cheap place to live?

Middlesbrough is generally considered to be a cheaper place to live in the United Kingdom than many other towns and cities, with lower costs for housing, transportation, and everyday expenses.

Remember that your monthly expenses also come down to your own personal lifestyle and preferences.

Is Middlesbrough good for international students?

With Teesside University right in the town centre, a smaller but vibrant community and a lower cost of living than cities like London, Middlesbrough is the perfect town for those looking to study abroad in the UK.